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Who we are?

For more than 40 years, we have been providing translation and interpretation services in all European languages as well as in the major Asian languages in a wide range of industries and fields, always keeping step with the newest developments in the translation profession. Just like in all other areas of life, huge changes have also taken place in the translation industry, both in regard to customer and translator approaches and to developments in the technical background. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to the utmost satisfaction of customer needs, guaranteed by a family atmosphere that provides professional operations.

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More than 40 years of experience

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We pay attention to every detail:

accuracy, speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Multi-Lingua treats each project as if it were our own, which makes us a reliable partner for every form of cooperation.

Don’t hesitate to our expertise to the test!

We stand behind our work

We are ISO certified, which means we provide translation services of high quality through continuous internal quality control and, whenever necessary, corrective measures.

What services do we offer?

Medical translations

Healthcare translations are a sensitive area of linguistic services: we recognise the fact that every translation in the medical field serves the good of people. We handle these requests with the diligence they deserve, whether they are documents for patients or doctors (such as medical reports and discharge papers), specifications for medical devices or equipment, documents for clinical research or pharmaceutical products, package leaflets, or any other healthcare-related materials.

Technical translations

This is a very exciting field in translation services.
As developments in technology typically take place very quickly, the translator not only has to have a firm grasp of the changing terminology in both the source and the target languages, but sometimes even has to create new terms.
We assign these types of tasks to creative translators with engineering backgrounds. The most common tasks include the translation of user's manuals, operating manuals, product catalogues, product specifications, safety data sheets, and IT documents. But we have also worked on very specialized tasks: for example, we are proud of having translated thousands of pages of documents for the aviation industry, as well.

Legal translations

The basis of good and mutually advantageous professional cooperation is the suitable legal background that guarantees security for both parties. Cooperation on a global scale requires all legal documents to be accurately translated into all the languages in question. These materials can include contracts, witness statements, trademark registrations, expert opinions, legal statements, extracts from company records, specimen signatures, decrees, laws, confidentiality agreements, letters of credit, authorisations, and the list goes on. We provide the necessary language services for all of the above, and more.

Marketing translations

We often refer to marketing translations as creative translations: marketing is about convincing others, the nature of which greatly depends on the culture in question. When we translate marketing materials, the message we convey has to be short in the target language while also relying on its culture. This may just be the area that requires the translator to have the greatest knowledge and background. Don’t hesitate to put our creative translators to the test!

Consecutive, simultaneous, and online interpreting

Whether it is a business meeting or just some simple administrative tasks, a conference or a large event, participation in training or in some online meeting or conference (increasingly popular since the Covid epidemic), we provide highly trained, experienced interpreters after carefully assessing the task, including providing the necessary interpreting equipment as required.
We consider it especially important to ensure that our interpreters can prepare for the task at hand, which is why we work together with the customer to procure as many reference materials for preparation as possible.

Desktop publishing

Sometimes a translated text or document can end up being published in digital or printed form. The post-processing works commonly referred to as desktop publishing are still required, even in today’s digital world. This includes ensuring page layout, placing images, using the correct fonts, and printing the desired number of copies. And you won’t need any additional subcontractors: just give us the source text and your ideas for the final product, and we will prepare the entire publication for you.

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